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Whitetail Heaven Enterprise

Golden Ticket

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Whitetail Heaven Outfitters is now handing out GOLDEN TICKETS🔥🦌➡️ and you are the first to know about it!



With the purchase of each $500 GOLDEN TICKET you are GUARANTEED 2 HUNTS of your choice, for the price of 1! 🔥YES, that is buy 1 hunt and get one hunt for FREE!! Weapon of Choice, in the state of your choice — Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and/or Florida!! Choose ANY dates, in ANY of these states (only excluding the first 2 days of the Kentucky Rifle and the first 2 days of the Kentucky Bow season).


Once you purchase your ticket and decide upon the 2 hunts you want to use it on please call James at +18594218934 to get on the books and redeem the ticket!  You can purchase as many tickets as you want!  


This GOLDEN TICKET secures your $500 deposit and guarantees your BOGO hunt-of-a-lifetime experience! 🙌🏻 Each purchased GOLDEN TICKET also allows you to customize your hunts! Both hunts can be used anytime/anywhere with the same 2 hunters OR both hunts can be used anytime/anywhere by same hunter! Again, your choice!


GREAT GIFT IDEA!!! 💯  (These tickets are transferable)


Don’t hesitate to snag your $500 GOLDEN TICKET today! This is a HUGE and EXCITING opportunity that Whitetail Heaven Outfitters is excited to announce and offer to each of you as a token of our 20 years of business and immense appreciation!💥


Thank you all, God bless and we look forward to hunting with you!  

    ⁃    Tevis and Hannah McCauley (owners)