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Kansas Duck Hunt 3 Day 4 Night (DIY or Guided) - ONLY $250 DEPOSIT

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3 Day 4 Night (Semi Guided) - $795
3 Day 4 Night ( Fully Guided) - $995
Text or call Tevis at (859) 509-2704 with questions or to book over the phone! 


Our Kansas Duck and Goose hunts take place in South Central Kansas in and around the town of Medicine Lodge.  We have over 13,000 acres in the area with over 40 water holes loaded with ducks.  We primarily blind hunt the edges of these water holes over a decoy spread from a pit or blind for ducks in the morning and fields in the afternoons for geese.  We have tons of ducks that spend pretty much the entire winter here.  There’s a mixed bag of a variety of ducks.  We can do teal duck hunts September 17-28, Ducks October 29 - January 1, Or January 21-29 AND 11/12-1/31 for pheasant and quail!  We have Pintails, mallards, Widgeon, goldeneye, Blackduck, ringnecks, mergansers, Canvas backs, redheads, Wood ducks, Greenwing teal, Bluewing teal, Gadwall‘s, Buffelhead and more!  You can add Pheasant and Quail hunts for $250 per person per trip.

Kansas is home to the best central flyway in the entire United States plus we hold ducks regularly year round! We have plenty of natural water sources, which can be scarce in Kansas, which makes for some of the most phenomenal duck hunting in the world! Aside from ducks, we also have enormous populations of Canadian Geese and even the famous “rib-eye of the sky” sandhill crane! Kansas is a waterfowl hunters dream and we are offering the best of the best properties and hunting opportunities

Text or call Tevis at (859) 509-2704 with questions or to book over the phone!